The Playoffs Are Upon Us!

The NBA Playoffs are finally here with some good first-round matchups. I personally am a Miami Heat fan. Now, I know that you may think that I probably just hopped on the band-wagon or something but, I actually have been a Miami Heat fan since I was in the third grade. I started to become a fan when I saw Dwayne Wade play and I thought he was amazing. Heat fans, including myself are going to be cheering while watching as the Miami Heat face the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the play-offs.

The Heat have a few tough teams that may stand in their way of getting another NBA Championship including the New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Chicago Bulls. The Heat are like a train flying in hot into the playoffs with a 41-2 record over the last 43 games. Who will beat the strong Miami Heat team this year?

ray allen

Liberty Center Track and Field

The Liberty Center boys and girls teams have finally started their season and lets just say, there are some very high goals for this years group. The girls team is very talented overall with talented pole vaulters, sprinters, distance runners, and throwers. The girls team was NWOAL league champions last season and are looking for a repeat. The boys team got last place in the league last year but are looking very strong so far this season with some promising team places at The Liberty Benton relays and the tri meet with Archbold and Evergreen.

The Tigers have three meets next week. Tuesday’s meet is at home with the visiting Bryan Golden Bears. Thursday’s meet is at Springfield with about six other Division 2 and 3 schools. Saturday’s meet is The Liberty Center Invitational, there are about 10 schools all together that are expected to be attending this meet. So, with two home meets for the Tigers, they are hopeing that you can come out to the spring sports complex this week if you can to support your team. Go Tigers!

girls track

Sweet 16

The madness continues with only 16 teams remaining. Florida Gulf Coast (Dunk City) is the first 15 seed to ever make it to the sweet 16 in the history of a 64 team NCAA men’s tournament. The team looks to continue their success witht their next opponent being The University of Florida. LaSalle is another underdog that has emerged early in the tournament. The team was seeded as a 13 seed but has upset two different teams and have made it to the Sweet 16 as well. The team has the quickness and defense to hold their own in this tournament but all of this will be put to the test as they face Wichita State University (a 9 seed) in their next mathup who has really turned some heads as of late with great shooting and a talented coach. We will se how all of this unfolds as games continue to be played this week and all this weekend.

florida gulf coast

The Madness Is Upon Us

It is definitely that time of year again when the snow starts to go away (in every part of the continental United States except for northwest Ohio) and the madness of basketball begins in late March. This time of year is what basketball fans call “March Madness.” 64 of the best teams in college basketball are determined and seeded 1-16. A one seed is the best possible seed that as a team you can obtain. A 16 seed is the worst possible seed that a team can obtain.

There are four different regions of a bracket, the Midwest region, the West region, the South region, and the East region. All of these regions consist of 16 teams that have been seeded. The one seeds play the 16 seeds in the first round, the two seeds play the 15 seeds in the first round and so on and so forth (the first round match-ups’ seeds always add up to 17). After all of these games are completed the winners move on to the  next round. Stay tuned next week to learn about the next step in the bracket.bracket