Boys Will Be Boys

In Nodaway County, Missouri, a tragic story has been told about how just a group of high school students make very poor decisions, but the worst part is, it was all covered up. In 1981, a young man that was well-known as a town bully, was shot by two gunmen on the main street of Nodaway. The disturbing part of this situation is not only was a man shot, but it was in front of an audience of about 30 witness. Along with that, the witnesses that were there, to this day still have not told who the two gunmen were. The cold case continued when the file was looked at a little bit closer though. Much like the Maryville Ohio case when a 14 and 13 year old girl went to a football player party. After getting a couple of drinks and getting very drunk, the two girls passed out. At this time, a 17 year old boy had sex with the 14 year old girl while another boy watched and video taped all of this with an iPhone. The next morning, the boys left the girl on her front porch in front of her house in extremely cold and chilling temperatures. Her 13 year old friend told police that she was also abused sexually by a boy at the party but does not know who. The Nodaway sheriff was expecting to see the boys in court soon after the incident. He was let down though when he found out that the county prosecutor dropped all of the charges put on the boys saying that the evidence against them was not conclusive enough. This information is absolutely outrageous! The fact that these boys did horrible things to these girls and are getting away with it with no penalty is a pretty disturbing thing to take in. The victims were not right by sneaking out and putting themselves in that situation, but that does not make it right for the boys to rape them!