My Favorite Christmas Movie

My favorite holiday is Christmas. During the great season of Christmas I like to watch many different kinds of Christmas movies. There is only one movie however that stands out more than the rest. This movie is Home Alone. I like Home Alone  a lot because when I was younger I felt like I could really relate to the main character in the movie. Home Alone is just a Christmas classic that anyone that can enjoy. The little boy in the movie has a very large family. When his family leaves for a vacation, he is left alone for a mysterious weekend. The young boy is scared but is very adventurous at the same time. He notices some people breaking into the houses in the neighborhood and decides to do something about it. The little boy is very good with setting traps and things like that. These burglars are not very smart but extremely greedy and will do almost anything to break into houses and get things that they want. The little boy just does some simple little tricks to mess with them at first like tripping them or moving them around. The little tricks soon turn into bigger tricks that are more hurtful and personal. The men soon find out that there is someone behind all of these tricks and start to look for the little boy. The boy hides and runs while still tricking the men. So, if you are sitting around this Christmas with nothing to do I encourage you to go watch Home Alone with some one or buy it on DVD. It is a great movie and I guarantee that you will love the movie and want to tell someone else about it. Have fun this holiday season and I have good news for you. There’s more than one Home Alone movie!

Christmas Wishes

This year is going to be the best Christmas ever! This is going to be the best Christmas because this year I am expecting to have a lot of fun and can’t wait to see family. I can’t wait to see my family from southern Ohio and Michigan. Also, I am spending my Christmas money to get an iPad. I am thinking about getting an iPad 4 or iPad Air. Well, I cant wait to see how everything turns out!

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break was decent this year. Not the best Thanksgiving, but not the worst Thanksgiving either. I started off Thanksgiving break with a bad headache on Tuesday when I got home from school and it all just went downhill from there as far as how I felt. I have been taking like 6 Motrin at least per day for the last week and I feel like I still haven’t felt any better. The headache has not gone away and I have no idea how to get rid of it, so that is probably a big reason that I didn’t have the best Thanksgiving break.

I went to my aunts house on Thursday, she lives in New Bremen, Ohio. She has a husband and two little boys, her husbands name is Troy and her boy’s names are Logan and Brock. We played dodge ball after lunch for about an hour. My family also sat down and named things that we are all thankful for this year. Every year we say what we are thankful for and write it down on a notecard that we put in an envelope and look at the next year. Thanksgiving was fun this year, I cant wait for next year!

Murder Me Always

Yesterday, November 20th, 2013 I went and watched a play that my school put on. Our drama department at my school is very good and always puts on a good show. The play was Murder Me Always written by Lee Mueller. In fact, Mr. Mueller came to our school to talk to our kids about the play a couple of weeks ago. He showed them some helpful things to make the show a little better.

The play had about a dozen characters overall with all equally important roles for the most part. One of the main characters is Fritz, an undercover police officer that tries to use his role of an actor to throw people off and find the real killer. This role is played by a kid named Austin who is a junior at our school. Another important part is Mr. Powers who is an actor who is fairly stuck up and likes to play around with other female cast members. This role is played by a boy named Nathan.

Henrietta is a girl who is a more elderly lady that is very confused at times on what is going on and asks many questions. This role is played by a nice girl who is a junior at our school named Ashley. Another role is a lady named Muffy, who is a demanding and rude woman who sleeps around with Mr. Powers. This role is played by a girl named Rebecca who is a senior. The director of the play who ends up getting killed and has his murder under mystery. The boy that plays this role is named Jon who is a junior.

There is also a detective that comes into the scene after the murder to sort out all of this madness. The girl that plays this role is named Peyton who is a sophomore. Another main role is an elderly stuck up lady that swings around a lot and is very rude and suspicious. This role is played by a girl named Gaby who is a senior. The last main role is a cab driver that sticks around to get his money from a cast member who didn’t pay and is walking around trying to collect the money. This role is played by a girl named Anna who is a junior.

In the play there are all of these cast members that are brought together all for a purpose. The director in this play is trying to bring all of these members together to solve a chain of play murders that goes on. All of the members of this play were somehow connected to these murders so the director wants to bring them together and keeps a close eye on them. In the end, the investigator finds out who the killer is. Will you guess the killer?

The World Is Watching Now by Time Magazine

In a small town of Little Rock, West Virginia, a case that has been ignored for decades is finally coming to the surface. It was 1982 and the Little Rock High School football team just got done winning their fist State Championship. The team was very excited and wanted to celebrate their new accomplishment. A boy named Thomas Hammer was the quarterback of this football team and decided to throw a party while his parents were away on a vacation.

The team decided to invite a lot of their friends and people they knew from school. They even made an attempt to invite as many girls to this party as they could. The party was just a normal party until there was alcohol present. Most of the kids at this party decided to drink including some freshmen girls who ended up passing out that night.

Boys Will Be Boys

In Nodaway County, Missouri, a tragic story has been told about how just a group of high school students make very poor decisions, but the worst part is, it was all covered up. In 1981, a young man that was well-known as a town bully, was shot by two gunmen on the main street of Nodaway. The disturbing part of this situation is not only was a man shot, but it was in front of an audience of about 30 witness. Along with that, the witnesses that were there, to this day still have not told who the two gunmen were. The cold case continued when the file was looked at a little bit closer though. Much like the Maryville Ohio case when a 14 and 13 year old girl went to a football player party. After getting a couple of drinks and getting very drunk, the two girls passed out. At this time, a 17 year old boy had sex with the 14 year old girl while another boy watched and video taped all of this with an iPhone. The next morning, the boys left the girl on her front porch in front of her house in extremely cold and chilling temperatures. Her 13 year old friend told police that she was also abused sexually by a boy at the party but does not know who. The Nodaway sheriff was expecting to see the boys in court soon after the incident. He was let down though when he found out that the county prosecutor dropped all of the charges put on the boys saying that the evidence against them was not conclusive enough. This information is absolutely outrageous! The fact that these boys did horrible things to these girls and are getting away with it with no penalty is a pretty disturbing thing to take in. The victims were not right by sneaking out and putting themselves in that situation, but that does not make it right for the boys to rape them!

Halloween Costume Fun!

Halloween Costume Fun!

This year I wore a pretty cool costume that my mom got me. Thor is my favorite superhero and I wanted to wear a Thor costume because I really like to watch him in movies and I think his superpowers are pretty cool. In past years, I have worn costumes like Spiderman, superman, a ghost, a pumpkin, and as football player. But this year, I just wanted to change it up. I started out trick or treating when I was in about second grade going to neighborhoods close by and picking up candy from some nice, elderly people. That has all changed as of late when some friends and I have made it a competition of who can go around and get the most candy. This is always a weekend that I look forward to when October comes around. Due to the horrible weather this last Thursday, trick or treating got moved to Saturday which really upset me so I did not get to trick or treat a lot but when I was going from door to door, I was getting a lot of very nice compliments on my costume and how good I looked in it. Got to love that candy.

Last Post of the Year

Sadly, the school year is coming to a close. This is going to be my last post of the school year but hopefully I will continue my blogging next year. Here are some of my stats from my blog from this school year:

  • 37 Blog Posts
  • 205 all time views
  • 13 views in one day
  • 16 podcasts
  • 315 words in longest post

My best blog post was named “Liberty Center Track Success”. This was my best blog post because it included a good story with valuable information about a sport that is actively succeeding in the school right now. This blog post had good paragraphing, good writing content, and no spelling or grammar issues.

  • I enjoyed blogging and podcasting because it gave me a way to express myself using the internet. I also got the opportunity to look at some of my class mate’s blogs and see what is going on in their lives.
  • In this class I learned to make a website, use good social network writing skills, and write about things I enjoy using proper internet writing to public viewers.
  • I can see myself continuing to update my blog because it is a pretty fun, easy way to connect with classmates, and write enjoyable blog posts.

Liberty Center Track Success

The Liberty Center Track and Field team competed in the 2013 Lamberson Invitational this weekend in Montpelier, Ohio. To start the day off, the weather was slightly cold with little wind. The rest of the day, the weather was pretty good, not too hot, not too cold. There were 14 teams at this meet. The girl’s team had a very successful day finishing 2nd place as a team. The boys team also had a good day finishing in 3rd place as a team with only being one point behind 2nd place.

This  next week is the 2013 NWOAL Track and Field Championships in Archbold, Ohio. The prelims will be held on May 14, 2013 and the finals for most of the events will be held on May 17, 2013. The Lady Tigers are looking to repeat as NWOAL team Champions with some good veteran talent, as well as a very strong distance crew led by Brittany Atkinson (sophomore), Kelly Haubert (senior), Paige Chamberlain (junior), and Olivia Kundo (freshman). The Lady Tigers 4×800 meter relay is run by these four girls and they are heavy favorites to win this event after obtaining now the second fastest time in the state of Ohio so far. The 4×800 meter relay for the Tiger Boys team is a favorite as well, being run by Henry Elling (junior), Joseph Seedorf (senior), Jason Hadley (sophomore), and Cameron Weaks (junior). This boys relay team is also a favorite for this event after obtaining the fastest time in there Regional meet and seventh fastest time in the state of Ohio.

The meet this week should be an exciting one with some nice weather, talented new runners, and maybe even some broken records. Stay tuned to find out exactly how this meet goes. The team champions this year may surprise you so it should be a good one. Please come out to the track in Archbold, Ohio on Friday May 17, 2013 to support the Tigers.