My Favorite Christmas Movie

My favorite holiday is Christmas. During the great season of Christmas I like to watch many different kinds of Christmas movies. There is only one movie however that stands out more than the rest. This movie is Home Alone. I like Home Alone  a lot because when I was younger I felt like I could really relate to the main character in the movie. Home Alone is just a Christmas classic that anyone that can enjoy. The little boy in the movie has a very large family. When his family leaves for a vacation, he is left alone for a mysterious weekend. The young boy is scared but is very adventurous at the same time. He notices some people breaking into the houses in the neighborhood and decides to do something about it. The little boy is very good with setting traps and things like that. These burglars are not very smart but extremely greedy and will do almost anything to break into houses and get things that they want. The little boy just does some simple little tricks to mess with them at first like tripping them or moving them around. The little tricks soon turn into bigger tricks that are more hurtful and personal. The men soon find out that there is someone behind all of these tricks and start to look for the little boy. The boy hides and runs while still tricking the men. So, if you are sitting around this Christmas with nothing to do I encourage you to go watch Home Alone with some one or buy it on DVD. It is a great movie and I guarantee that you will love the movie and want to tell someone else about it. Have fun this holiday season and I have good news for you. There’s more than one Home Alone movie!

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas Movie

  1. Home Alone is an awesome movie! I think it is one of the movies that helps show families become closer for Christmas. Even though the kid is at home and dealing with the intruders, they come together in the end and the true meaning of Christmas comes out. I think it is so funny the things that he comes up with to hurt all of them! Very funny movie!

  2. austin04 says:

    Home Alone is an awesome movie! I always felt like I could relate to the kid in home alone as well. I used to always set up traps for people. But it turns out that my family always stayed here so I like trapped all of my family….tragic.

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