Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break was decent this year. Not the best Thanksgiving, but not the worst Thanksgiving either. I started off Thanksgiving break with a bad headache on Tuesday when I got home from school and it all just went downhill from there as far as how I felt. I have been taking like 6 Motrin at least per day for the last week and I feel like I still haven’t felt any better. The headache has not gone away and I have no idea how to get rid of it, so that is probably a big reason that I didn’t have the best Thanksgiving break.

I went to my aunts house on Thursday, she lives in New Bremen, Ohio. She has a husband and two little boys, her husbands name is Troy and her boy’s names are Logan and Brock. We played dodge ball after lunch for about an hour. My family also sat down and named things that we are all thankful for this year. Every year we say what we are thankful for and write it down on a notecard that we put in an envelope and look at the next year. Thanksgiving was fun this year, I cant wait for next year!

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