Halloween Costume Fun!

Halloween Costume Fun!

This year I wore a pretty cool costume that my mom got me. Thor is my favorite superhero and I wanted to wear a Thor costume because I really like to watch him in movies and I think his superpowers are pretty cool. In past years, I have worn costumes like Spiderman, superman, a ghost, a pumpkin, and as football player. But this year, I just wanted to change it up. I started out trick or treating when I was in about second grade going to neighborhoods close by and picking up candy from some nice, elderly people. That has all changed as of late when some friends and I have made it a competition of who can go around and get the most candy. This is always a weekend that I look forward to when October comes around. Due to the horrible weather this last Thursday, trick or treating got moved to Saturday which really upset me so I did not get to trick or treat a lot but when I was going from door to door, I was getting a lot of very nice compliments on my costume and how good I looked in it. Got to love that candy.

One thought on “Halloween Costume Fun!

  1. Halloween is such a fun time. I love it for the candy too! Very well built. This really reminds me of my ex-wife Carrol… She was so great… She used to make all of my costumes. She spent hours on end trying to perfect them. her delicate hands with ever stroke of the needle. Why did she stop loving me? I do not know. Yeah I was busy working second and third shift but it was to put food on the table and provide shelter for her 6 kids she had with three other guys. She had been married twice before, and she was the one leaving them for the money. She did the same thing to me. I can remember coming home after my 16 hour work day and she had a man friend over and they were having a candle lit dinner together. Roast beef. That was OUR meal together. We always had roast beef on special anniversary days, and that was the only times we would have it. Now she was over here having it with some other man? How could she do that? Say she loves me one day and then be eating our anniversary meal with another man the next day? Shes a cruel person. Once I had agreed to adopt her six children so they could be part of my family, she went into court and had them put in my name which put me in full custody of them. One of them didn’t have legs or arms and needed constant attention. Cindy was her name. She was the hardest one to take care of. Having to bath her, but be gentle with it because she had a skin disease that made her skin very thin and would rip if it was pulled slightly. Also I had to wash her behind after she would use the bathroom; having to brush her teeth, tie her shoes (even though she never wore them she kept her shoes in her purse that she couldn’t carry.) Too much to think about. Good blog though

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